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The registration of my vehicle

Registration is mandatory for all vehicles registered abroad to rinde in the LEZ. The registration is free and valid for 5 years.

Please note that for a vehicle registered in the Netherlands, registration is only required in certain cases (see below). 

For a vehicle registered in the Netherlands:

  • registration is not necessary to ride in the LEZ if the vehicle meets the LEZ access criteria

  • registration is required to buy a day pass or apply for a derogation if the vehicle does not meet the LEZ access criteria

If you want to know whether your vehicle registered in the Netherlands meets the LEZ access criteria, registration is also required to use our simulator

What you need to know about the registration of your vehicle

  • Registration concerns cars, vans (≤ 3.5 tonnes), minibuses and buses/coaches registered abroad, except for vehicles registered in the Netherlands.
  • Mopeds, scooters, motorbikes, and heavy goods vehicles don’t need to register before 2025.
  • Vehicle registration is free and valid for 5 years, provided that the vehicle information does not change.
  • Users must register before entering OR within the five days after entering the Low Emission Zone. Since the 14th of March 2024, it has been possible to register a vehicle registered abroad (before midnight) five days after using the LEZ. Example: if I drive in the LEZ on the 3rd of January with a foreign-registered vehicle, I have until midnight on the 8th of January to register it.
  • The vehicle registration certificate is required to register.

More than 20 vehicles to register?

  • For companies or other types of organisations with a fleet of more than 20 vehicles, it is possible to submit a “mass” exemption application by contacting Bruxelles Fiscalité (Brussels Taxation) at this e-mail adress:
  • For a fleet of more than 20 vehicles, the vehicles registration is free and valid for 3 years, provided that the vehicles information do not change.

Error in the registration?

If, once validated, there is an error in your registration, you can correct this error by making a new registration request. The information in the new record will automatically replace the information of the previous form.

What is the expiry date of my registration?

To find out the due date of registration or to check if the vehicle is registered, simply enter the licence plate and the date of first registration in the simulator.

To renew the registration, simply complete the form again. Please note: no expiry reminders will be sent.


Any vehicle entering the Brussels Region Low Emission Zone without registering in advance is liable to a fine of €150 (even if the vehicle complies with the conditions for accessing the LEZ). Any inaccurate information submitted during registration is liable for an administrative fine of €25.

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