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In which area of Brussels is the LEZ implemented?


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The entire territory of the Brussels-Capital Region is covered by the LEZ meaning all 19 municipalities, although the Ring (R0) is not affected. However, various streets allowing access to particular parking. 3 transit parking are accessible:

Parking Ceria Coovi The Céria-Coovi parking will be accessible as from mid-2019 (the transit parking is being enlarged to welcome 1350 cars in the future).
Parking Stalle
The Stalle parking accessible via Rue de Stalle (between the regional border and the car park entrances/exits only), Rue du Marechal and Rue de L’Étoile (between the regional border and the car park entrances/exits only). Free access, 380 parking spots.
Parking kraainem
The Kraainem parking via Avenue de Wezembeek (between the regional border and the car park entrances/exits only) and Avenue E. Mounier (between Avenue de Wezembeek at the car park entrances/exits only). 193 spots. Access conditions.

Some roads allowing access to the future Esplanade parking will also be excluded from the LEZ.

In Neerpede, certain roads allowing you to join the Ring are also excluded:

  • Chaussée de Mons (between the regional border and the Ring entrances/exits only)
  • Boulevard Henri Simonet
  • The Henri Simonet roundabout
  • Avenue Joseph Wybran (between the Henri Simonet roundabout and the regional border)
  • The Lennik road (between the regional border and the Henri Simonet roundabout only).


In Zaventem, the Brussels Airport parking is accessible. You can book a ticket by clicking here. From the Airport, you can then easily continue your journey by bus, train, or taxi.


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