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Impact of the LEZ

How will the LEZ influence air quality?

By introducing a LEZ in Brussels, emissions of pollutants that are most harmful to health, namely nitrogen oxides, fine particles and especially black carbon (BC), can be reduced. 

Better air quality will be beneficial for all, and will especially help to improve the health of Brussels inhabitants.

Why are the restrictions for diesel vehicles more stringent than for petrol vehicles?

In terms of emissions of pollutants, specifically nitrogen oxides and fine particles, diesel vehicles have a greater impact on our air quality than petrol vehicles. Consequently, it was decided to establish stricter access criteria for diesel vehicles.

Which other measures does the Region take to improve the air quality?

The Brussels Government targets all activity sectors which emit pollutants into the atmosphere. That is why the Air, Climate and Energy Plan was approved on June 2nd 2016.

In addition to the LEZ, this plan anticipates measures with regard to the energy efficiency of buildings, better monitoring of air quality, energy production from renewable energy sources, and measures in the economic sectors, consumption patterns and product use. More info here.