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The enforcement

WARNING, do not rely on websites offering the purchase of environmental stickers/badges. Those stickers/badges are neither necessary nor valid to circulate in the Brussels’ LEZ.

We remind you that the daily pass is the only formality that requires a payment. The purchase of a daily pass must be done via the website

All other formalities related to the Brussels’ LEZ (request for derogations, registration of foreign vehicles) are free of charge. These formalities must be done via the website


How much is the fine?

Failure to comply with the entry criteria for the Brussels low emission zone will lead to a fine of €350. The fine is the same for every offence.

However, no new fine will be imposed until three months after the previous one. This gives you time to take the necessary steps to change your vehicle or alter your travel habits. For example, if a fine is issued on 15 October 2018, the next fine can only be issued after 15 January 2019.

Therefore, in the course of a year, a maximum of 4 fines can be issued per vehicle.

For 2018, the first fines will be issued from October 2018 (a 9-month transition period has been arranged).

For 2019, it is expected that the fines for new vehicles affected by the ban will be issued from April 2019 (a period of 3 months has been defined). A similar period has been defined for 2020.

How is the enforcement taking place ?

Checks are carried out on the basis of vehicle number plates, using cameras. A network of around 184 cameras is going to be set up gradually across the entire Region (at the regional boundary as well as within the region).

Around 90 cameras have been installed in January 2018 and the network will be complete by the end of 2018. The cameras are used in accordance with the laws on the use of private data and images.

These cameras are used in connection with the low emission zone and also for police purposes. They are installed as part of the project to create a video-protection platform for the Brussels region.