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What does LEZ mean?

LEZ stands for "Low Emission Zone". The term is used to designate where polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive in a given city, or areas of that city. It is one of the measures taken in numerous European cities to improve air quality and consequently public health.

Why have a LEZ in Brussels ?

Several studies by the World Health Organisation, as well as various actions of the European Commission, have highlighted the poor air quality in Brussels and its subsequent impact on health. Moreover, air pollution increases the risk of strokes, heart disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory disorders, in particular asthma. In Belgium, 12,000 premature deaths have already been attributed to poor air quality. By prohibiting the most polluting vehicles from the Brussels Region, the quality of the air can be improved for everyone. For Brussels inhabitants, visitors and commuters. 

In which territories of Brussels will the LEZ be implemented?

The entire territory of the Brussels-Capital Region is covered by the LEZ (all 19 municipalities). The LEZ is not applicable to the Ring. 

When will the LEZ be introduced?

The LEZ will be in force from 01/01/2018. It will be applicable every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Only the oldest diesel vehicles will be affected in the first year (See table): the criteria will change over time so that gradually more vehicles will be taken into account.